Need new friends to play MW3 with! Vidding all!

Hey guys, I'm looking for some people to play MW3 with when it comes out, not exactly a "clan" just a group of guys/girls that enjoy playing COD together, I have a YouTube channel set up where I video most games I play so I will be videoing most games :)

So feel free to comment here or just add me on XBL

Bit of info about me.


Live in England/Britain




No offence but no one below the age of 16 as I find those kind of people to be MOSTLY immature, not all just most.


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Feel free to give me an add. Always looking for more MW3 players :)

As for me, I match your description, except I am from California.

That's fine man! I'll check the time zones and add you when I'm next on!

You can add me if you want, not that great but I feel I'll do better this time around than on MW2.