Need Jack's Hammer and Tannar's Glory

As the subject line states, I need Jack's Hammer and Tannar's Glory.  If you are willing to trade with me, send me a message on xbox live.  Here is what I have to trade.


Aurora's Shield

Mallett's Mallet

Lunarium Pounder

Faerie Hammer of the Moon King

The Tenderiser



Hammer of Wilmageddon

Dragonbone Hammer

Avo's Lamentation

Beadle's Cutlass


Mr Stabby

The Casanova

The Love Sword

The Merchant's Bodyguard

The Splade


The Shrieking Pilgrim

Simmon's Shotgun

Swift Irregular

The Equaliser

Arkwright's Flintlock


Ol' Malice

Defender of the Faith


Briar's Blaster

Dragonstomper .48



Mirian's Mutilator

Tee Killer Shooter

The Barnumificator

The Bonesmasher

Desert Fury

Holy Vengeance




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I have Tannar's Glory, but I'm still looking for two weapons if your willing to trade Beadle's Cutlass I will give you Tannar's Glory.

I should have mentioned earlier that I no longer need any weapons for the achievement and have since traded in my copy of Fable 3.  Sorry.

It's cool man I what taking a shot in the dark the topic is 2 months old.