Need helping beating the Leviathan please!

Hey guys I am a mostly solo BL2 player but need some help every now and then,

I can't seem to get past the Leviathan on my own and am starting to get frustrated.

I am a level 44 Siren, and an older gamer who doesn't have a mic.

If you'd like to help me beat the Levithan so I can go on my way solo I would appreciate it!



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doyou still need the help?!  i need to get the  challenge for the hidden treasure room!  I killed Leviathon more then twice before i knew that the treasure room  had a hidden area underneath for a challange and  well the main room locks up  after TWO times making it immposible to get in there now unless i  use the glitch but it never seems to work so i would rather  get it the easier way  and killing him in another game  with my main character!  :O)