Need Helpers/builders for medieval server

(This is very jumbled up and all over the place so bare with me)I need some helpers/ builders for a medieval server. We already have 4 cities started so we really just need people to come in and help clear areas ad maybe do supervised building( or if you have a style of medieval building that matches what were looking for we could have you build your own creations in the cities). Once the building is done the server will be a rpg-style server with stores, currency , etc. You will be building in creative mode and you will need to be willing to listen to whoever is instructing you. the four cities are an underground city, two above ground standard medieval cities, and a floating city with an arena. Some things we could use help with would be good arena traps, dwarven-ish style houses for the underground city, A train system that can be set to go to different stops through the use of lever pulls( Like multiple train stations throughout the underground city sections to connect the whole thing), and many more things that can be decided as we go along. If you have questions about rules for after we finally go to survival mode there is a big board of them right at the spawn which may receive some edits/ extensions in the future. Also if you contribute at least four buildings or structures or less if they are really time consuming/ detailed that are okayed than you shall be put on the contributors board and shall receive an undetermined reward for when starting out in survival mode. If you have questions or would like to help add xWTKxFangnix and/or ThePopTart96. And if you want to come build you will need to join our party and if we are on we will invite you. Also it would be preferred if you had a mic. Thank you for taking your time to read this post.


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Oh and there will be some pvp and arena combat once we finish up the building.

I think all my tags got put together.... just to be safe im posting this with a building tag on it