need help

hi all this is my first basketball game and i'm kind of new to basketball in general (i'm from the UK) and i'm trying to play my player but i keep getting d's and f's because i lose points from bad shot and passing choices....any ideas ?i usually just use the right stick pushing up or X .
also is there any way to make my player easy...i din't get picked up from summer circuit and find it quite hard

any help appreciated


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I'll tell you what I tell everyone you only start out at 40 or 41 so don't worry about scoring! Play good defense get rebounds, steals, assists, and blocks. Only shoot when you are wide open or if you are wide open under the basket. Passing is tough in this game no matter what your rating is so use the icon passing. When you get drafted it won't be high anyway so the N.B.A teams don't expect you to come in and lead the league in scoring. The higher your rating gets the more easier it will be for you to score. Hope this helps.