Need help with Terror Is Reality

Does anyone have any tips to winning Standup Zombedy and Headache?  These are the only two I need for the win all nine events achievement.  I'm having trouble, and I really don't know any good strategies to succeed.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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well no real tips with stand up zomedy other than be quick and when you can block other people from getting their zombies covered with all three items (put one of your items on their zombie when they have 2 items on them) this gets you a bonus. for headache, also be quick and spend alot of time just putting the helmets on the zombies then press the button after you have a bunch. i guess you could also sabotage other people by throwing the dynamite at their zombies before they can kill them, but I never really tried that myself.

I just picked this up last night. I loved Dead Rising and bought both the Arcade releases. So far this one is great and the TIR is nice and relaxing. A fun change from so many other games.

I have a question, what exactly happens when you "Cash Out"?