Need help with some challenges and 1 achievement.

So, the one achievement I'm talking about is Friendship Rules [Revive some from "Fight For Your Life!" that is on your friend's list.]

The challenges I'm talking about are:

- This Is No Time For Lazy! [Revive a co-op partner.] 3/5

- Passive Aggressive [Kill enemies while riding as a passenger (not a gunner) in a vehicle.] 0/1

- Haters Gonna Hate [Win duels.] 0/1

I don't have any of the DLC. I've been trying to use the Quick Match and Match Browser features but I always get the message saying I can't join because I don't have the DLC. This is the main reason I haven't been able to do the challenges above. I was able to revive 3 people because they joined me when I was doing the Circle of Slaughter and then left.

Any help with these would be much appreciated...


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im on right now. can help.

Thanks for helping with Friendship Rules and those Challenges. Too bad Challenge Accepted didn't pop though... I went through and more than triple checked the required challenges for that damn achievement and I have completed Level 1 for all of them -_-

I have everything on the following list at least Level 1:

buyt they  should say 2 or higher NOT one cause  some of them  it shows level 1 but not completed!  until you get at least a 2 showing!..  but with me i remeber having a problem with   that acheivement also!  i checked the list and showed that i had everything at least a level 2 or higher...  and that last one didnt take.. so i jujst played it normally and soon as i got a random chalnge completed   ( like one that wasnt even required to get the cheever with)..  it auto unlocked the cheivement!. so maybe just keep playing it it will unlock itself..  it could be that same glitch i had!!.. but check to make shure those level 1s  are at least comepleted.. and not have to be a level 2!!

Yeah, they all have to be to level 2. Kept me wondering for a couple of weeks.

there are a few hidden challenges in the game the are revealed when you have completed certain challenges.

Yeah that too about the hidden challeneges .. one is for the shotgun and the other is for the rocket launcher if i recall?

You can fudge the ones listed in the first post just by playing split screen with a newbie level 1 character. How I did the duel one while solo...