Need help with Sledge's hideout!

I am level 13 or 14. I am a Hunter and I am currently at Sledge's hideout and I'm stuck. I can't find Sledge and the enemies are kind of difficult to kill.


Please, send a FR if you plan to help me. I will then set up a private match and then we can go after Sledge.


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I joined a random game with other players and we took him out. I'm glad I got that over with.

Sledge isn't hard at all,but once you get past him. The game starts getting more difficult,so if you still do need help just send me a invite. By the way since your using a hunter,a little word of advice to you,try learning the trespass skill. With it you can shoot through enemies shields,making the game a whole lot easier for you,and it comes in handy for the guardians :)

wow a real player, yes any regular can take sledge out with a higher level character that would join your game... but if you wanna do it your self, then just do some other missions quests and level up more, find a better sniper or pistol and you'll take Sledge down, use a class mod that boosts your bloodwing, or gives you health.

Can assist friend request sent, though can't send a message of the time I'm online to play. Either way need help with the whole game feel free to ask.

[quote user="CosmicStrike"]

use a class mod that boosts your bloodwing, or gives you health.


It's been ages since you began from scratch buddy. Game set up so that only AFTER killing Sledge you get your first Class Mod as a reward and only after that they can appear in loot / vendors.

Finding something better can be hard at his point in the game, he's new and doesn't know much. I and pretty sure there are others willing to assist.