Need help with Mr. House ending(House Always Wins)

I completed part one where I brought him the Platinum Chip and watched his Securitrons get upgraded, etc. Now he wants me to go back to the Fort but my only chat options are "The Legion will kill me on sight", "That's insane", etc and there's nothing that will start the part 2 quest then I have to say goodbye. The Legion hates me so I'm not sure what to do. Also, I never killed Benny after getting the Chip the first time at the Fort. What do I do?


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If you already went to the Fort you should be on Part 2.   Did you go underneath the fort and start up the Securitrons?   Or did you just get the chip from Benny and leave?


What does your quest log say?

You might have to change ending...


After you enter the Strip, you get given amnesty by both the Legion (the Mark of Caesar) and the NCR (after meeting the ambassador and going to the Boomers) so that you have a bit more freedom.


It sounds to me as though you got given the Mark and still shot up a bunch of Legion guys (ie, they're outright hostile again and will kill you) and can't make it to the Fort.


After exhausting all the chat options, what does your Quest Log say you have to do? Also, did you ever get given the Mark of Caesar? If you somehow missed it, you might be able to acquire it and continue. What is your reputation status with the Legion?


All-in-all, it sounds as though you need some positive reputation with the Legion, but I have no idea how you'd get that if you're already hostile.

Ok, I figured it out. I loaded up my save back at the Fort and did the underground Securitron part which started and completed Part 2. Thanks anyway, guys.

No worries, I'm glad you worked around it anyway : )