Need help with lvl 50 boss

I want to get the achievement for beating the level 50 boss but im just to weak to do it.

Any high level players wanne help me out on this one? I just finished the Dragon keep dlc and just popped to level 39 with reasonable gear.

Ive tried it with 2 friends that are also level 39 and we didnt even touch the boss, so please level 45+ help me out on this one.


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If u need help I can help u just send invite

You can send me a invite I will help you

I'll help you I'm a level 52 gunzerker just hmu when you're ready

I thought terra was 52. Unless he changed in updates I don't have. An easy strategy I found out is to have one guy hide on the outer edge of the area so Terra's health won't go back up. If you're looking at the grate straight on from the tunnel, the area to go is at about 5 o-clock. There's a video on YouTube with the exact position. This can be easily done on multiplayer.

once you get to lvl 50 it'll get considerably easier.  Terra is lvl 50 regardless of when you meet him unless you have the cap increase and that's why you're struggling.

You just need to level up more and get the Bee shield.

I managed it on my own within 2 minutes once i got the Bee shield.

Please send me a message that its about BORDERLANDS 2 if you add me as a friend.