Need Help With Drag Race Tuning!

I can't seem to get my setup right.  My Ford '10 Shelby GT500 wont work right when drag racing.  It can go 0-60 in 2.36 seconds, but yesterday a Dodge Ram beat in a 1 mile drag by a .1 seconds.  The power to weight ratio is the best I can make.  Does it have something to do with the gears, springs, and all that fancy, complicated stuff.  If so then I would be very thankful.  If not then can you still tell me what I'm doing wrong?


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Nice! I know for FWD it was best to go through the finish in third. You should pass it at peak HP or right after. First gear chirp then floor it once you hook. Make sure 1st doesn't spin or bog too much as you go wot. Put 2nd right in the middle of 1st and 3rd. If it spins when you shift make it a little taller.

That's for FWD though. Not sure if some wheelspin is good or not in RWD.

full on caster so you go in a straight line :) hope this helps.

After a certain MPH weight and TQ ceases to matter. In this game it seems to be around 150 or so.  Gears make a huge difference. Suspension as well though not on the same order of magnitude...

You get a free car if you beat 12.2 in the import drags (rivals, 300hp fast hatch) . I'd Suggest starting there.

Thanks that helped a lot Khrono.  I got to around 1.5 sec.  and 10.511 at 1/4 mile drag.