Need help with big bang theory on moon

Hello gamers I am needing help with getting the big bang theory me and some friends got to the part where the music starts and then we all got down there where only three of us I am needing three expierenced players who can help me with getting the achievement everybody needs to have ensemble cast and time travel will tell achievements plus the players need to have big bang theory so they know what they are doing so someone please help me please message me or reply on here please.


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only one person in the party needs to have the EEs and achievements from the other maps for it to work. i know what im doing other than that so if youre still doing it then f/r or message me

I actually got it done if you notice by my picture but I need help getting ground control and one giant leap so if you would be willing to help me with that I would greatly appreciate it

I can help with any of the achivements.  I have Time Travel Will Tell and Ensemble Cast achivements.

I only need one more and thats the one giant leap if you guys want to help me just send me a message and we will work out a time

I'm going to be on in about an hour if you want to try.

Threads like this are another example of why matchmaking is a bad idea. It works against building a friends list so people can do things like this without having to go beg on forums.  Bring back being able to host your own lobby please.