Need help troubleshooting why ME3 is freezing on my XBOX360

I posted this at EA's Answer HQ and got no response. Thought I would try here. 

I have yet to play ME3. The game loads fine. It connects to the EA server. No problems there. It lets me select my ME2 character file. However, after I save the profile for use, the save screen will stall. The saving icon actually freezes, but I can still hear what appears to be like loading screen background noise. If I sit there long enough (~8-10 minutes), the game will eventually load and the intro cut scene will commence. It will then let me take control of Shepard as you follow Captain Anderson after the initial Reaper attack; however, after I grab the first health kit, the game will freeze. Again, after waiting around 8-10 minutes, it will unfreeze. At this rate, ME3 is going to take me a REALLY long time. 

 Here's what I've done to troubleshoot:

1) Installed game to my XBOX360 HD. Didn't fix the problem.

2) Cleared the XBOX360 System Cache. Didn't fix the problem. 

3) Thinking I had bum disk, I bought a new copy of ME3. Didn't fix the problem. 

3) Deleted my Xbox Profile and re-imported it. Didn't fix the problem. (As a bonus, while deleting my profile, I also deleted all of my game saves for all of my games. So, I've got that going for me, which is nice.)

4) Since I'm an idiot and deleted my ME2 save game file, I tried just starting a game with a new profile. Didn't fix the problem.

 In summary, I can't play ME3 because it freezes, and in a rushed attempt to fix it,  I've deleted all of my Xbox 360 game saves. Huzzah. Thankfully, I finished Far Cry 3 before doing so. What else should I try? Could it be a hardware problem? I'm not having this problem with any other game I play on my 360, just ME3. What is different about ME3?

 Thanks, in advance, for any assistance you may provide. 


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Hey there, I think this article might be of assistance to you.

If that doesnt fix it your 360 could be on its way out.  Try bringing it to a local game store or somewhere you can put it into another 360.  If it doenst freeze in any other 360 then your 360 is dying.

Thanks for the link, FB. I didn't think about removing the HD to see if that might be the cause. C-Boy, really, really good idea. I'll try it out and report back. Thanks again to both of you.