Need help to get some achievements

Need help to get these achievements

The Host With The Most,

Places to see, People to kill, 

Kill locust (like a boss),


Locust forever,

Come to poppa,

New they begin to understand,

Zeta team go.

I am tired of not having them, and I also don't have the patiences to play this game for 2 years to get everything. I have friends that say they are going to help me but they won't. I need 4 other people who are willing to help me to the end of these and I will help them with any achievement or boosting they need. I need people who will keep their word on this, and not be like my other friends.

all help is greatly appreciated. 

If you decide you want to help please Add me as a friend and when you do send me a message why you are adding me and the time you are usualy on so I know when to be on. my time is atlantic standard. 


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UnyoBro you are wasting every ones time by posting on here so leave. I only need

now they begin to understand

locust forever

come to poppa.

Add me anyone and I'll be on. Send me a message when you do so i know why. I dont usualy come on here so thats why i say add me.

Hey OP, you could always just play the game for fun and not waste your time boosting achievements that are completely meaningless anyways. Just a suggestion.

I can help with the achievements. Bored out of my mind at the moment since can't usually find anyone to play with, most of my friends seem to have moved on.

Yeah I figured serious 3.0 would take a while but I have other games I need to play. So I can't play my other games if I put all that extra time into gears right. I kinda regret buying the DLC I had friends who claimed they were going to help but they won't. All well.

And again I didn't mod them I'm sure if I did I'd be banned or what ever they do. Also saying I'm a cheater by modding my gamerscore also says that anyone else with higher gamerscore than you also mods theirs. So you should also say to the other guys that they mod theirs when they didn't. Maybe the two *** that keep *** that I mod mine they probably modded theirs. Also like I said before if I would have modded mine I would have modded all the achievements I didn't have. I had this profile for almost 2 years and I have never modded them and I'm sure if I did Microsoft would have known about it in the almost two years I had this profile.

So get over you're selves I did it all legitimately.

Thanks Lord Dirt for not being a ***.

Oh L31GHS you have a high gamerscore so you must have modded yours.

It is easy to get all the achievements for this game except one and that one just takes a few months not 2 years.

lmao that's a lot of excuses. you can both say goodbye to your 85k+ gamerscore soon enough.

Also just because I have 53 of my games 100% out of 118 doesn't mean I modded them. I have a friend who has a higher gamerscore than me and he never modded them. Also if i would have modded them I would have modded them all. why would I make it so I have so many unfinished games.

Yeah I have never modded my achievements in my life. Stop being @@@ holes. I just saying I don't have 2 years of my life to put on this game I have a life and a job. I just want to do boosting. I have no idea why me saying I want to boost says that I mod my achievements. clearly I don't or else I be banned.

LOL, since when is glitching GS anywhere close to boosting? Kids these days!

lmao look another gamerscore glitcher appeared!

* Please try a lower page number.

* Please enter only numbers.

* Please try a lower page number.

* Please enter only numbers.