Need help recovering lost deck

I was editing the Mech deck. I used a key to unlock the other 16 cards but then the rest of my deck disappeared.  I tried to re-set it and have shut down and re-logged on and still the other cards do not show up.  I have no idea what to do anyone else have this issue or any ideas how to fix it 


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Actually the name of the deck is Machinations and I can see the 16 Unlocked cards at the top of the deck manager but wher the other cards should be there is a blank screen. Reset deck does not work and not sure what else to do

Can you describe the exact steps that you took which resulted in your deck being broken?  As much information as you could provide would be really helpful, especially stuff like:  Did you make edits to your deck prior to unlocking with a key?  Attempt to save these edits before applying the deck key?  Did you unlock cards first in the deck and then use the deck key?  or did you use a deck key immediately?  What game mode did you enter (if any) to notice the behavior?  Did you purchase the deck key and then immediately redeem it to unlock the deck, or did you purchase the deck key and exit the deck manager to use the deck key later?

The more specific information you can provide will greatly help us track this issue down.  

Thank you!

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I used a key then began to edit the deck. I saved it then exited when I came back the main deck was gone but the 16 unlocked cards where still there.  Since then I have deleted the game from my HD 3 times and each time I reload it the deck is gone and the progress I have made in the campaign is the same as it was before I deleted it. Alos reseting the deck does nothing and the area where the 60 cards is blank. I have tried to go to a campaign and use the deck but all I get from it are land cards

I have encountered the same problem and have NOT found a solution for it yet. Can anyone HELP?

A title update is currently in the works to address this issue.  In the meantime, to prevent decks from being corrupted...

Whenever you redeem a deck key to unlock a full deck and make any changes...ALWAYS save the changes before exiting the Deck Manager!!!

Same thing happened to me, I purchased a key to unlock the Guardians of the Wood (elf) deck.  I redeemed the key, and unlocked the deck, I pulled out 15 cards, put in the 16 unlocked cards, and exited.  Upon entering a two-headed giant game, I was surprised to see a hand of 7 cards entirely full of lands (all types of lands, not just Swamps and Forests, as the deck typically plays).

My next thought process was that I actually had to earn the deck, through beating Nissa Revane in Campaign Mode, and then the entire deck would become available.  Much to my dismay, the same issue occurred.  So I went back into deck manager, and realized that all of the cards were gone.  I then noticed that the option to unlock the complete deck had become reselectable, so I figured, what's one more dollar, and purchased another key.  Upon redeeming the second key, I noticed that the 16 unlockable cards had now become available, but the original deck was still completely missing.  I laughed and played a quick game using a deck consisting of 16 cards and 44 lands.  Then a buddy suggested "unlocking the foil deck", I figured I was already into the thing 2 bucks, what's another dollar.... now I have 16 foil cards... still no original deck.

The loss of three bucks, isn't as disappointing as the permanent inability to use one of the better decks in the game, so I am stoked to hear that an update is in the works to straighten this all out.  I hate to pry, but I am curious if there is a date in mind for the update launch?  Today or next Tuesday perhaps?  And last, I am also curious if there will be any efforts to re-issue lost keys, to idiots like me, who theorize that many game glitches can be dealt with in the same round-about manner that they occurred in, in the first place.

Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice, shame on me.  Fool me three times, (comment omitted).

And something about the definition of insanity being, "trying the same thing over and over, expecting a different outcome."

I have spent money to unlock decks and they are good for a few days. I have also unlocked decks several times. But I have gone into my game 3 times now and all my progress has been put back to zero. I paid money and also took time to unlock these things. I am being told that nothing can be done to fix this!