Need Help Please...before i break this b@$#%

SO i thought CoD made me least in that i do well and just hate the game.  I like this game but i suck, and no matter what i do i cant seem to gain anything.  Im about to return it, and i dont want to, so im hoping to get some advice from some of you who know what the hell your doing.  By the way, im talking about FUT.


So i go out and get what i would call a decent team to start with.  Finding some deals and getting my starting team to consist of mid-high 70's and low 80's.  But that doesnt seem to matter, and one THE BIGGEST problem is defending.  While i know i have alot to learn as i just got the game, but every time i have the ball its easy as hell for the opponent to steal the ball from me when im dribbling.  Yet, my guys dont ave a chance against them, and it seems almost like m,y teammates run away fromt eh ball.  I cant tell you how many time an opponent will come in around the 30' or so and noone is close to him, yet when i do it i cant get close without getting hammered.  What the hell do i need to do.  I dont dribnle alot, i pass mostly, but at one point when i need to its almost useless.  I just played a game where the guy outshot me 15-0 in the 1st half alone, and i couldnt go 10 ft down the field without him tackling me/getting the ball.  yet my guys couldnt get close to him.  Everyone seems to be sooooo much faster than me, that all they do is run down the line and go around me.  Also, is there a way to contain the opponent as theyre moving down field, cause unless i control the defender on the ball, they run away, and either way they just pass thru and get open anyways.  Please send some advice my way....thx


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One thing i can say is that team chemistry plays a huge part in FUT. if anything try and get players as the same nationality or in the same league at least and that should help with your player movements and stuff. as for the opponent running down the line,  most people just buy players with very high pace as its easier for them to score, all i can suggest is trying to counter it by buying fast defenders. hope i've helped.

Try doing the defending tutorial again to get used to the defending controls, and if you don't like how they are set out, change them.

In this game, extra man contain and jockey are your best friends when defending, move the 'contain' button somewhere else on the pad so it doesn't get in your way!

As mentioned above, pay attention to team chemistry, but also player morale. People don't usually pay much attention to the morale but it does make a difference to how well your players perform!

I am guessing you are playing FUT online, if so may i suggest you play it offline and even set the skill level a bit lower to get used to the defending and controls with the skill level set lower you should start winning.  By doing this you will earn more coins then can start working on things like chemistry as previous posts have suggested.  As much as I like FUT I do think it is a unfair mode, as there are people who can afford to sit there and spend a fair bit of money/points buying packs where you average person or even youngsters cant.  I think FUT would be much better if you could only but packs/players with coins won from playing games or winning competitions, otherwise this game mode is usually ruled by those with the deeper pockets or well off parents.

Thx for the advice guys.  I was just noticing that guys with a fast pace all go for thousands of coins for the most part....some of them dont even have great ratings, just high pace, yet they go for alot of coin, so that def holds true.  My wife just told me to buy some cards as a matter of fact, but i'd rather not do it that way, tho i guess worse case its better to go that route than get mad and end up not playing it at all.

I also just went back and looked at the tutorial, and i did realize i NEVER use the contain button, and it seems as if thats why people are able to stick with me so much, whereas when i try and stay with them they just do a simple move and break my ankles.  Def have to try mor eof that.

I have my chemistry up to 95 right now.  I started out with quite a few German players, so i ran with it and have an entire German squad less a few.  The next step would be to get them in the right positions, as i noticed last night a guy jad 130 chemistry or something and all of his guys were in the right position.  My guys are not way out of pos, but i have alot of CDM and CAM, so i need to fix that.  At least last night i didnt get killed as bad sincve i got a better goalie, so maybe with all of your advice i cant make it work.  Thx again guys.

I wanted to bump this thread with a thank you to you guys who posted here and helped me out.  I was ready to trade this game in on my pre-order for MW3 (which i really dont want), but thanks to your advice, the game has gone MUCH better for me.  Granted i dint play the caliber players last night as i have in the past wk, at least i dont think so, but i was able to win quite a few matches, and even the one i lost was off a stupid mistake i made...they still didnt get but 4 shots on goal.  Huge difference by using the advice given, and its not all the time you can get random people to help you on these forums, so i do appreciate it.  I guess thats part of the difference between the FIFA crowd and CoD crowd....FIFA crowd has hit puberty!!