Need help on Shang Tsung

I need to double flawless tsung but am having alot of trouble the sheeva grab glitch didn't work on him and my other scorp gets very close but the guy always sneeks a little hit in any help from people who have done it much thanks only got 3 achieves left this and the 2 master ones.


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if he hits you, win the match. then when it says finish him, go to character select. it won't count as a loss. then try again. that's how i did it. it took a few tries.

Yea been doing that any character u did it with little easier and a strat

i used scorpion and did combos until i got it. i heard some people did do it with sheeva by doing her move where she jumps up off the screen then lands on people stomping them. they did it over and over and over.

Yea I'm sure there is a element of luck involved in this as in how the AI reacts I did well with spear and combo repeat but still would sneak a skull or morph into someone with a projectile and he morph into skarlet now at time which was funny I thought