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I have RDR I was gonna buy a physical copy of undead nightmare collection for all the dlc from gamestop ( but i read on, that if you wanna play any of those DLCs you would have to switch RDR for RDR undead nightmare disc). My question is if I purchase Undead Nightmare Collection from marketplace for 1600 points does liars and cheats and killers pack does that go into reqular singleplayer. Cause when you start RDR before you choose, theirs 2 options undead and singleplayer. Does this pack add the others like where you have to click them and than all your stats for singleplayer carry over or what not. Can someone please explain in detail how the dlc pack affects the game. Cause I was gonna buy the disc from gamestop used but i dont like idea of switching discs constantly. So im really leaning to buying it of marketplace. Cause I wanna get the tommahawk in singleplayer (regualar game). Sry im really confused any help would be appriated. Thanks




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on the undead nightmare disc there is an option for multiplayer. i have downloaded the dlc packs and it works without having to switch discs to play it. the only difference is that if you wanted to play the main storyline that is on the original disc you need to have that disc to play it. make sure that you have everything in the main storyline that you wanted completed done before you get the undead nightmare disc.

the undead nightmare storyline is tough and i wouldnt rely on soley the tomahawk to get you through. you dont regenerate health and weapons like you do in the original game (meaning when you burn through your 10 tomahawks you are out unless you loot one). however, i did have the tomahawk from the dlc that i purchased through the marketplace for the undead nightmare disc (and they come in handy when hunting bats).