Need help. (I got scammed but I have proof)

I don't know if I can use usernames so I'll call him bob and his friend joe

I do however have the exact usernames on hand if someone would contact me.

I was doing a trade with bob on Sunday April 20, 2014 at around 4:22 to 4:40. It was my coins for itunes I was trading a million plus coins for 100 itunes. However, he said he didn't feel comfortable going first and since he was on a trusted traders list, I only put down 750k first. However, after he took my 750 k he called his home phone using his cell phone and then promptly blocked me from his profile. However, his friend joe contacted me later that night trying to scam me out of more coins! I confronted joe who admitted to being a scammer and he told me that bob had admitted to scamming 'someone' (me) out of 750k during a chat that took place around 4:45-5:00. Bob then told joe that I had scammed him for whatever reason. 

On Tuesday that week I contacted bob through my secondary account and he claimed that his friend had contacted me through a third party site on his laptop and then contacted me through xbox live and used up all my coins. I then proceeded to ask bob to send me a voice message so I could hear the "difference" between his and his friends voice but he "shockingly" refused claiming that his xbox had just broke. Last night, Friday April 25, 2014 at around 8:35-9ish I contacted his friend joe who told me that he plans on selling my coins for his own profit.

I would really like a moderator or someone to get back to me because I have pictures of messages that he sent, pictures that prove he's lying, and the most important evidence I have is the audio files. I have already contacted ea support and microsoft support who told me that you guys do in fact have recordings of our party chats. 

Thank you for your time and please help me so that these two can never do this to anyone ever again.


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That seems like it may b your own issue my friend

Lol what an idiot