Hi please cany anyone help me find a COG TAG on act 2 forced entry ? its the chapter where u have to stop them blowing on the Horns the COG TAG i want  im told  behind a door on the right and  its under some block but ive been told if i dont kill them before they sound the Horn the door wont open and i have to go to past the door that  Boomers etc come out of and i wont be able to get it.If u know what on im about and can spare 5 to 10 mins please add me and send me message.Thank you.

p.s im crap and the one shot gun lol :)


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lol well it took me a few tries as well. First use the long shot sniper rifle. I recommend doing it on casual since enemies die easier. You have to time it well in order for it to work and the locust to not sound the horn. Wait for the guy on the right to be all the way over, if you want to you can sit there for a minute and study their patterns. Once he is over to the right shoot the guy on the left by blowing up the explosives when he is walking by them. You then must quickly active reload your sniper, zoom in and hit the other guy running by. It takes a few tries but you eventually will get it. If my instructions are hard to understand i'd search for a COG collectible guide on youtube and i bet there is video somewhere.

Best of luck

Easier way.  Wait for the guy on the left to be standing behind the exploiding barrels and the guy on the right to be standing farther over.  Shoot the left set of barrels with your lancer and then quickly shoot the right set.  Easy.