Need help finishing Tower of Babble

I already have the Table built under the tower, and I need 3 players to help me finish the Achievement. I wasted a couple hours last week because the other players in my party couldn't follow through with the plan, and kept getting themselves downed, when all we had to do left was place the turbines under the lights. Message Me or Add Me if your available to help, I just want to be done with this achievement, and I'm willing to help others out there.


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The side that needs you to place turbines under the lamps isn't the side that needs the table. Are you sure that it wasn't you not knowing how to do it and not incompetent players?

@NewFound: It WAS their fault, we were suppose to set the Turbines down to finish BUT they decided to run off when a new wave started, and got themselves downed because they didn't feel like waiting so we could spare 1 zombie.

If anyone else is reading this, I'm available anytime today and tomorrow, I just want to finish this achievement, it's been nothing but a headache

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