Need help deciding over these games.

Welcome back! I took a huge break from gaming and know I'm getting back into it. I already bought Dead Island and it is seriously awesome. The only trouble is, I need help deciding between these games. Saints Row 3 is a definite yes but the other is hard to decided over. I want Skyrim but never played Oblivion. I loved Fallout though. I was thinking Modern Warfare 3, but I'm sure that's just a decoy of the others. And there's lots of others out there but I need some of your opinions. Thanks!


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If you liked Fallout, I'm sure you'll love Skyrim!

Skyrim for single player MW3 for multiplayer. I would wait for Saints to get a price drop. I heard its only 10 hours long.

Pass up MW3 with Skyrim.

Skyrim, I didnt even need to read the other options.


What they said.

You can get gears of war 3 for cheap its a great game!

In my opinion MW3 was terrible. i always loved oblivion and fallout so i think skyrim is the best way to go. Also I've been hearing SR3 is very overated.

i love SR3 but its seriously short compared to SR2 to get to 94% progress in SR2 it took me 64 hours on my first playtrough in SR3 it has taken me only 19 hours :/ the game is fun and i do like it but its short.