Need friends to fill my empty friend list :)

Hey guys been having 360 for like 4 months now and my friends list is still empty so i could use a few friends :D

Not playing anything online atm but i will start Borderlands GOTY as soon as i finish ME 2 and Fallout New Vegas.

I also got a keyboard and i love to chat so if you love PRGs and love to chat then i am your guy :)

Also going to get Gears of War 3 and Battlefield 3 when they come out for some multiplayer awesomeness ;)


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Hi Finulas - we mostly play Halo Reach, CoD, and Battlefield, but many of us also play Borderlands and games like Fallout, etc.  You should check us out!  Battlefield 3 will definitely be one of our main games when it comes out.  We're a super-nice bunch of active gamers who are always on the lookout for new members.  And we have an extremely active forum where we interact too, so if chatting is something you like to do you can waste infinite amounts of time there, trust me.  Come by and say hello!


Thanks i will check out!

I also have Halo Reach but i am not playing a lot atm still got some games i want to finish first but after that i can hop on often and play with you guys :)

Ehehe my bad i am not from US i posted on wrong forums :(

Sorry i am new here :P

Well, don't let your location stop you from playing with us.  We have two members from England, one from Norway, and many from Canada.  So unless the time zone differences would preclude your ability to play with us we still encourage you to check us out...good luck either way.

Ok thanks :D

Hi and welcome,this is a good place to start and also I have met some real cool people just playing random matches online on all kinds of games. If they are jerks later on after you add them,simple solution is remove them :)

You mind if I add you? My list is pretty blank too and I wanna fill it out.

Yes, I fully agree with TDL NiceGuy. I'm Italian but have a lot of friends from North America, Australia and Europe within my friend list. That's probably the main feature of XBL: You can play and talk with people from anywhere on earth. Ther really are no frontiers. It's awesome!

Welcome friend!  Feel free to add me if you would like!  I've recently been playing borderlands with my brother, so that's not and issue for me :)!

Add me if you like :) I do play RPG's so happy to talk about them

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