Need for Speed The Run Buried Alive Trailer (HD)


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There's so little to take from that. Looks like it'll be like Split Second in the sense that there's stuff falling around you. Hmph. If it's at all like Most Wanted...GOOD.

I wish they would make a most wanted remake,that would really make my day. I hate to see where this series is going,i miss the good ol days of when need for speed used to be good. I still have most of my ps1 versions of the game,why do they insist trying to go into uncharted territory making a racing sim. When i think of need for speed i think of hot pursuits,and illegal street racing. This game looks like its gonna suck,just my opinion.

My favourite is still NFS:MW.

I used to be a huge NFS fan. IMHO, Most Wanted was the last great installment, with the majority being pure crap since. Across the board (not just NFS), it's as though EA has put the chimps in charge.