Need Female Friends for a micro social experiment.

         Hello Ladies...(read as: Polite introduction acknowledging the fact that this thread is intended for a female audience) {Please do not read with emphasis on La and don't carrey out the dies part I honestly do not mean it to sound like LAdeeeeees.}

Recently I made the mistake of getting my wife involved with Xbox Live. Now don't get me wrong, women can play video games just as well as men can. Ladies have every right in the world. I just don't like sharing my Xbox. But that is beside the point. The point is, my wife has many, many friends on her friends list, 99% of them guys. Actually I don't even know if she still has girlfriends on her friends list. I am not the jealous type and i don't worry about some guy 2000 miles away stealing my wife from me. However she spends a great deal of time talking to a couple of them, once again it doesn't bother me. I did ask her though if she cared if I had as many female friends on my list and she just batted that question away with an i dunno.


So I am here today to ask that any female gamers who don't care to add me to their friends list to please do, If actually interested in a friendship that is cool to. Need help with a game that we both happen to have just ask. Don't want me to ever contact you, that's... well that's just kind of mean... but ok, all i need is many many women, girl, lady, gamers on my friends list. A message every now and then go for it. I am married, but if you want to leave a flirtatous comment (just don't get to carried away) in my inbox please do because my wife gets them all the time and lets face it when it comes to a guy on Xbox live getting hit on.. it has to be rigged.


I honestly just want to see how my wife reacts. I want to see if she takes it as well as i do. If any guys come in here (unfortunately I know a thing or to about men, they will see that the name of this thread has the word female in it and will come right on in) add me too because another thing... I'm honestly not that social, have a mic but never use it, very rarely trash talk,(only trash talk inferior players who thought it wise to trash talk me), because of this I only have seven friends (on my friends list not real life I'm not Xbox live social.) and one of them is my wife and another is my brother, and aside from my wife I only ever have two friends online when i play. So really just anybody add me it's cool, but ladies please add me by the hundreds.


I apollogize for the rambling, the tangents, and the ungodly amount of parenthasis.



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Oh and I forgot, female players would be much more understanding of my two year old when she throws a fit, if i happen to be playing a game with a group of friends and happen to have the mic on and she starts crying or I have to get up to get her a drink or food or something. Guys tend to get annoyed, unless they are playing with a female and then it's all good. Men are pigs. I'm sorry I didn't mean that.

The husband and i both game but i have a decent split of women and men on my list , i too have to sudenly stop playing to feed the baby , so tend to play with the regulars who have patience with parents. Hubby is fairly unsociable so only has a few friens but my list is pretty full , couple spaces left only. He is quite tolerant for the amount of men on my list as they are good blokes. If i add some-one who ends up ott, stalkerish or sending messages my husband would not approve of then i remove them , thats not what xbox is about.. its to socialise not get off on.

I believe you should still respect your partner while playing with others .. in that way . I tend to play in the same lobbies as my husband anyway and we have a great laugh normally taking the mick out of each other. So to answer your plea  u could add me to play games but i wouldn't be sending any flirty messages as this would be disprectful to my other half.

Thank you.

Wouldn't respond to a flirty message in a flirty manner anyways, married too. Just need a couple to be seen by my wife so I can get the reaction i suspect i will get.