Need Conquest Players

As the title says, I really need people to play Conquest with- Prefer Hardcore but will play normal if ya inisit on it.


Mostly Play Engineer and ****, Like tearin it up in the vehicles.


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Sign me up. Although I usually play Softcore I'm not abject to HC either. Don't let my GT fool you though I never play Recon haha, always Assault or Engineer and I'm a bit of a vehicle wh0re myself.

I'd like to play Hardcore, just to get the achievements.  I usually play assault, but wouldn't have a problem trying out a different class for the sake of the team.

I'll drop you guys an add :)

me and a group of buddies typically play Hardcore too...but we ain't against normal, just prefer HC....we typically role as assault and engineers, like driving, repairing and when necessary engaging vehicles