need confirmation ( probation warnings being ditched ? )

apparently it looks like the probationary warning has been ditched for now because of the complaints from the kiddies claiming they get it from host migration and not dashboarding


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I dunno, I dont dashboard. BUT, I havent gotten any probby warnings since the patch (when people were getting them from leaving pregame lobbies and such.)

  We were just told it was fixed. Dont know exactly what that means.

I've gotton probation from host disconnect. I Never ever dashboard... its bad enough losing all your kills and xp

You don't lose your kills or Xp when the host dashboard. FYI getting kick because of team killing counts the as if you had quit.

^^I know MW3 would sometimes periodically "save" stats during the game and sometimes when the host dashed and the game was forced over and to the lobby, the stats would sometimes save. I am not sure if it still does this in BO2, but "traditionally" (in every COD except MW3) when the host dashboards, everyone loses stats and gains a loss.

The whole point of people Dashboarding was to build K\D. In MW3 if you dashboarded you 100% of the time kept your kills and deaths for the game

^^I am talking about the "host", not just anyone dashboarding.

That is 100% incorrect

People used to get them for quitting matches or host migration.  I haven't had any for like a week now when I was getting them every couple of days before.  I've never dashboarded.