Need *(Co-op) Partner!!! (Cerpa Demon boss)

I need a partner for this stupid boss.... i died soo many times i jsut need help to kill him and get my souls back....


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He's not that hard just be sure to take out the wolves first then take your time dodging his attacks and take him out. You have to fight about 7 in  row later in the game so that should tell you how easy he should be.

Enter fog-Roll past the first attack-Run up stairs-Kill knife dogs as they run up at you

Make Capra go up the stairs-Jump off-He will then jump off as well-Hit him a few times-Repeat

whats ur SL? he's one of the toughest int he game due to the small arena and those bloody hounds.

There is a small ledge on top of the stairs. Walk over onto it and kill the dogs. Then when they're dispatched sit in the corner with your shield up. He will try lunging at you and he takes a long time to recover. If you're a really heavy hitter you can do a plungin attack and hit him once or twice and he will be dead.

I thought I did too until I looked up some tutorials on this boss. The most important thing you need to do when you first walk into the area is to roll forward as soon as he's going to do his double-handed slash at you. Once you roll and he misses attempt to take out the dogs that are following you where your standing. If not then head upstairs and stand right on top of the ledge- in the middle where you will be standing the highest. Take out any dogs remaining there. Afterwards the Capra Demon will follow you up and you need to stand in the corner of that ledge. Press your self as much into the buildings as you can because if you don't that slash that the Demon is about to do will reach you. Once he's fallen do a diving lunge. If you miss no big deal just start heading back upstairs and do it all over again. Or you can just take him head on in the courtyard below.

I mean, as soon as you beat the dogs the rest of the fight is easy. If you survive the first 15 seconds of the fight then you've pretty much won if you watch what you're doing. : )