Need BF3 Clan

If you have a BF3 clan i could join please message me im not going to be on here my gt is zombies of dawn.

I'm active and I usually play as an Engineer. I'm good at it as i have nothing but service stars to unlock. I'm also a good with the Support kit. I use the T88 LMG from the B2K thing. I can't snipe at all and Medic i could try. I try to help everyone out at all times and hatch the best strategies to win as I am a very competitive person and hold a grudge for anything. And i mean ANYTHING. I have a mic and idk what team speak is but thats all to it. 

PLEASE invite to your clan if you think i sound like a valuable member. and as i said before, I wont be on the forums so you will have to message me.


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Hold a grudge for anything? Not a great sales pitch when seeking a group of people to play with. hahaha

but they'd have a cool clan name......ZOD......hey that could be their tagline "kneel before ZOD!" although without knowing anything about this clan knowing who will actually be doing the kneeling is up for debate...I'm just saying that'd make a cool tagline

PM sent.