need advice. quality test videos


just quality tests in gears. I need to know how the qulity is. one is on a dazzle the other is hd pvr


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Well the first one was beautiful I believe it was the hd pvr  and the second well not soo much.  btw with in regards to video recording the saying you get what you pay for comes to mind usually the more money ie. the HD PVR the better quality picture you are going to get.

The first one is clearly better. Youtube gave the option of viewing in 720p vs the second video only 480p. Maybe that made a difference too on how I interpreted the quality.

I had the pvr bit rate set at 4.3 mbit. thats thats half of what its capable of. But i think the dazzle is good for a dazzle though.

it is time to give up on the dazzle really. HD PVR or maybe a roxio if you want to save up on money. you have to add to many filters to make a dazzle look half good of what HD PVR or roxio can do.

You need to record your pvr on a higher setting. I think i have mine set to 9mbps (goes up to 13.5mbps). That dazzle quality is good for a dazzle though.

It was as bad as your sig.

@keepers. I have an HD PVR. I dont like the using the pvr cuz i cant max it out with my current computer. and yes godinhd the dazzle is not to bad for dazzle. both are uploaded with no color correction

even without maxing the HD PVR the quality will better.