Need advice. Please vote. Assult Rifle.

So with summer almost here, I am going to start playing MW3 online more (only got the game a few weeks ago). I really only want to play with assult class and was wondering what weapon is the best to use to try and upgrade.


I don't want to spend all summer trying to unlock all the assult rifle upgrades so I would like everyone to list what they think is the best assult rifle. In a few days I will tally up the votes and start working on upgrading that rifle.


Please list if there are any special perks that goes good with your rifle pick.


If anyone is wondering why I'm posting this on a silver account, I had a bad harasser guy in the past. So I rarely post anymore with my gold account.


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Oh the guns to choose from are:







ACR 6.8




I think most people on this forum know which guns are classified as assault rifles... To answer your question though, I think most people would agree that your top 3 choices are the ACR, Type-95, & the MK-14. They're by far the easiest to use among the assault rifles.

I'd be inclined to tell you to try many different weapons from many different classes, since it's a better experience, and most definitely not to use what people consider the best.


I'd vote the G36C or FAD, for something both different and perfectly dangerous.

  Rather than just suggesting what I like, the question is, what do you like ? Or what are you like?


   What kind of character are you?


   Rush headlong? ........ move strategicaly,?




  Stealthy or bold?


  Are you out for killstreaks or gun on gun?  


 Precision shooter or sprayer?


 Cqc, medium or distance?



   It not about what weapon is best, even getting specific as ars. Its about what weapon is best for you.


   As bob said, its best to play around with them a bit and see what works for you, but if you get a little more specific, maybe we could jus narrow your choices rather than choose for you.

most will run the ACR route - silenced  but depending on the lag it take half a  little less than half a clip to kill

mk-14s great too but its single fire - so better have fast reflexes - also makes a great sniper alternative with the ACOGG

type - 95 (3 round burst ) another great gun - take down and an enemy at fair distance in 2 burst but kinda sucks in close quarter combat

Type-95, G36c, M4A1, SCAR, ACR

If you can aim, Type-95 with Rapid Fire (plus Red Dot if desired). If you can't aim, then any of the automatics will do (ACR being my favorite).

a nice stealthy setup i use is CM901 w/silencer and either extended mags or red dot

if u dont care about stealth go with the Mk-14 w/rapid fire

+1 for a tired old guy. It's good advice.


Me? My AR of choice is the G36.

The ACR is always a good weapon to go with in this game. Fantastic all round. I would also advise using the SCAR and G36C.

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