Need advice: How to handle 6 headed Hydra Dragon at the lake

I'm retarded. I beat Demon Souls on PS3 so long ago and forgot that you can dash around by holding down the B button. Here I am, level 47 in Dark Souls and I've been walking around EVERYWHERE. I died so many times cause my guy was walking so slow, then I'm sitting around watching videos on Youtube and see guys sprinting around and I'm like, WTF?

Anyway, I'm in some forest area, Darkroot Basin I believe, and I've beaten all the crystal gem warriors or whatever but there's this 6 headed Hydra Dragon that's blasting water and jacking my **** up. How do I approach him and how do I kill him? I'm using a Wanderer character. I'm using the Drake sword, a spiked shield that has lvl 101 protection, some wack leather armor that's plus 2, and I have soul arrow and greater soul arrow.

Any suggestions would be great. Thanks!


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If you get in close hydra will stop firing projectiles at you and instead start a melee type attack by lunging its heads towards you.

Whilst it does this you can wear your best armor (leather aint so good go back  to the smith and buy the crest of artorias  for 20,000 souls and enter the big locked door in dark root  there is also a hidden bonfire to the left of this door smash the wall with your sword for this follow the path to the left into the ruins talk to the cat then go through the ruins turn left and under the bridge is the stone set) once you have this armor equipped block the lunging attack from the heads then start hitting them before the go back to the body of hydra rinse and repeat you will have to move position now and again as the heads start dropping off as they lunge in different places after, also be careful not to go too close to the hydra as their is a cliff under the water and if you walk off it you are dead!!! once the hydra is dead follow the lake to the left and kill the golden golem after this is dead you will get a new vendor, stand on the edge of the lake and you will find a summon sign to call her.

Forget the heavy armor you don't need it. In fact its better NOT to have heavy armor. Put on the Rust ring so you can move quick in the water.

Run as quick as possible toward the hydra. When you get close enough he will stop shooting water at you and will start lunging with his heads. Use a good 100% block shield with good stability and simply block his attacks. After the attacks the heads will take a moment to pull back toward the hyrda. Thats when you strike at them or the neck with a good weapon.


Again moving quickly is more important than armor.  In fact you could easly do it naked. You need to move quickly because sometimes the heads pull back before you can get a good hit on them.

Forgot the ring bit but you have to be able to get to snugglies nest if you want it and go back to the undead asylum I would still go down the armor route because if your shield isnt that good your going to loose stamina blocking then maybe not have enough left to get a few hits in I did it no bother wearing the stone armor and would prefer the slow method to dieing and having to come back and fight the golems again before fighting hydra again.

You can wear heavy armor, it will just require you to run a tight serpentine pattern towards the hydra until it stops shooting at you.

Thanks everyone. I'm going to give it the ol' college try! Haha! Since was bored being sprayed to death by the Hydra I ventured off and opened the seal to the doorway upstairs near a bonfire that was hidden behind a wall. There are these invisible guys there that are impossible to kill. One of them fell off the cliff and I got over 2,000 souls for him. I eventually made it to an area that has an ugly cat but then I died.

Well, I beat the Hydra. He was pretty easy. I equipped the Rusty ring and Havel ring along with Stone armor and Drake sword. I chopped off all the heads except for one and then I fell off the edge (haha!) I guess I got to over confident. I beat it the second time around but get this. I had all the heads chopped off except for one again and this last head wouldn't come near me like it was glitched or something. He kept diving down near the edge so that I would fall in. So, I stood by a nearby rock and shot arrows at it and killed it. Afterwards I climbed up the long ladder and was eventually killed by 3 giant furball rolling cats. WTF?

lol those rolling rats approach that area from where you saw the ugly cat not up the ladder from hydra, when you agro them go back to a group of trees and attack from there as they cant get past the trees and they find it hard to hit you too.

The area you unlocked with the door seal is a good soul farming place early on you can either take the area slowly and fight the people in there 1 at a time then go back to the bonfire to reset or agro them all run up the stairs then drop off to the right and get into the corner and they usually fall off the ledge and die.

Is there actually anything of interest in the area NahsiK mentioned? I've been there once too, but turned as I didn't know what to do or look for there and had better things to do at that moment.

Well there is a set of really good heavy armor and an enchanted ember for magic users. There is also a set of knight armor there that looks like a samurai.

    There's a corpse in that lake with a treasure in front of the hydra. If you stand on that exact spot, it'll miss you 90% of the time. I know you already beat it, but that's something to think about on new game+.

    *Spoiler* Also in the basin is a golden golem to the left of where the hydra is. If you defeat it, you will rescue an NPC who will help you fight the moonlight butterfly and another boss later on.

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