need actors for machinama

i also need someone with a machinama gear if u want to join


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I think. given your position, what you're actually after is "Is anyone after Machinima actors? I'd like to join one".

Bob haha did you even read the post? He's looking for someone with a cap card that can help him out with filming.

Title says he needs actors.

Post says he needs equipment.


They both tell me that maybe he should join one that's actually going somewhere.

So he wants someone other than him to do most of the work? I suppose he would also want that person to give him most of the credit.

Nice gamerpic! Haha Wendy's!

Where's the beef?

[quote user="Noble 29"]

Nice gamerpic! Haha Wendy's!

[/quote]I know, thanks! I saw it on the dashboard as a free gamer pic pack and I didn't even know this was one of them.

I'm with you guys, I too; am a Meatatarian. On topic, OP'er should buy a Cap Card online, should be pretty cheap :P

I have a Roxio Game Cap and it's actually pretty good for a beginner. I'm not into making Machinima's, but I do like to record and post gameplays every once in a while. With the right settings and a little color adjustment, you can make the Roxio look pretty damn good. Got it for like $60 too when Machinima was having a promo for it. Not sure if the promo is still going, though.