Need ability to Team Kill in CTF

Just finished a game where three idiots on my team were not capping the flag.

All my party (of three) could do was just go to the other side of the map and hope that they would die.

The game went on for about 7 minutes longer than it should have.

The game seriously needs to the option to team kill fools like this.


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You have two options:

Option A: Play Core Mode CTF and  not be able to deal with people like this


Oprion B: Play Hardcore Mode CTF and have the ability to deal with people like this

Just be aware that if you decide to play HC CTF if you kill the flag carrier it is an automatic -1500 points.

I don't play Capture the Flag because of people like this. It's a good mode but the community ruin it. I mainly play Domination and Team Deathmatch because there are less people who can ruin it depending on how they play.

yea change your privacy settings. Its easy to do, just like unblocking your recently played games

Um change your privacy settings?????? hmmmmm did that work for ya

I have set my privacy settings to where I can't receive or send messages with random people.

Well're only option is to send some helpful messages to those players thoroughly explaining the objective of the game. I like to start off my messages with Hey retard. =]


I don't play hardcore, but if it was hardcore I would have team killed on the spot. Zero hesitation.

Was it Hardcore?