Need a very rare item? I HAVE IT!!

Yes, I can almost, 100% guarantee I HAVE THE ITEM YOU NEED!  What I want in return are:

Blue Class mod:
Expert Veteran Class Mod
+31% reload speed
+35% magazine size
+6 steady skill
+5 Pressure skill

Blue Class mod:
Expert Grenadier Class Mod
+35% Grenade damage
+26% Explosive damage
+6 Steady skill
+5 Impact skill

I also consider ALL AMAZING BLUE CLASS MODS!!  Need that super rare Slagged O-Negative? GOT IT!!  Need that super rare WHATEVER?!  GOT IT!!  Time to get your godlies is now. Msg me here or on xbox live!  Scourgestrike is gamertag, JUST IN CASE YOU DIDN'T KNOW!!!


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