Need a team

I'm just looking for a team to play with from time to time. I mostly play for fun, but running with randoms can take its toll on me, especially when they are the not so smart kind, or the just starting out kind, guest included.  Since I have no internet at my own house for the time being, I run with my cousin at his, on my xbox tho (now he wants to sell his ps3 for xbox =D) 

Anywho, I like to play obj. but w/o a team its just eh.  I'd just like to play with 3-4 other ppl who play for fun but also like to win, and are pretty decent.  If you need my stats you can go to elite and just search my gt. Not the best, but I've improved.  I have a mic, but I will cut it off to rage, unless I'm being an a** that day. 


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So you split screen? Is Elite really out?

Yea, I have no problem with guest or anything I just meant guest who also have no clue what to do. But I split screen, my cousin is pretty decent tho, we go back and forth, he'll be top one game, then me the next.  And the elite beta is out.

Cool hit me up whenev then I'm always playing. How can I use the beta?

Alright will do, and you just go to the website,, and sign up, they should send you an invite after that.

If your looking for a decent person to run with hit me up,this account is expired atm but my gf's account is up and running,LeapedBow519469.Just hit me up,I mostly do HCTDM,im a decent player,I do have my days,I can be number 1 on every game and on my bad days im 3rd to 4th so if you wanna run with me let me knw