Need a spec ops partner for survival missions.

I've been after the  unstoppable achievement but its proving to be near imposssible with the caliber of  players that play spec ops... i'm missing the last two maps of the list. any help would be greatly appreciated... am also willing to help in other maps if need be. Please send me a message if your interested. Thanks.


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Try going at it by yourself : ) Which maps are they anyway.... Bakaara and Arkaden? Or maybe not Arkaden...


It's certainly possible by yourself : )

It's much easier by yourself. In bakaara, I just went intothe house where all the survivors go in infected. There's only the one way for them to get in and it's easy to get to level 15. In arkadeen, go behind the counter at the burger town fast food place next to the escalators. You can crouch down and be covered enough to where they won't hit you but have enough height to shoot over it. Once juggernauts start coming after 2, be sure to have a pred missle ready along with riot shield squad already deployed.

It's just easy. XD