Need a seed for minecraft xbox 360: look at description. Thanks

Hi, I have tried lots of seeds, yet everyone single seed is, well for better words... LOL

I need a seed that has good mountain hills but not to high, 
some flat lands, and flat areas,
I need normal trees and those white tree trunk one's as what I am building does require both.
a small or fair amount of sand. for glass etc.

I don't want it to be to compact.

I hope someone could find a seed for this.
I know it may be a-lot to ask, but maybe you already know one.

anyway thank you  


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Not sure if it is what you want or not.  My current world has a small jungle at the south end of the landmass.  It has all the tree types, all the biomes.  It has a large desert area with wooded areas north and south ends and a river through the desert.  It has one central village in the desert with several wheat farms.  It has a stronghold with end portal, abandoned mineshaft complex with chests, at least one of which has melon seeds and a couple have cocoa beans.  It has a spider spawner dungeon underground near your spawn location, a zombie spawner on the surface in the desert, and an underground skeleton spawner (maybe more but I have found and exploited those three).  It has a pair of two chunk slime chunks near each other so you can have an easy 4 chunk slim farm.  There is a large sea along the eastern half of the map so there is plenty of deep water to build over.  The sea floor has openings into the abandoned mineshaft complex for fairly easy access.

The spawn location is in a wooded area to the south with both oak and birch (the white trees you want).  There are pumpkins not far from the spawn point as well for making jack-o-lanterns.  There is at least one surface lava not too far from the spawn location should you need it.

Give it a shot and see if its what you want: Wolfiesden

(note capitol W)

If its not what you want, easy to simply delete the game and move on.

FYI, create it in Survival mode.  Then save and exit.  You can then load it up in creative (with autosave turned off) and explore it to see if its what you want.  Just don't save while in creative and it will remain a survival mode game.

If this is what you are looking for, I can provide X,Y,Z coords for many of the features mentioned above.

if u want a seed with alot of trees try 1991 i love the seed due to alot of wood no (HM)

good land scape