Need a new(good) clan for BF4 on Xbox One

Im gonna be straight forward I dont wanna join some little kid clan that is just starting out im a grown man in his late 20's I had a good clan but I was the only one that upgraded to Xbox One now I need a new clan to play with. I am a team player with military background so I understand the lingo. I specialize in vehicular slaughter, main tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, attack boat, anti air with all unlocks. I dont do aerial as its to hard for me to fly. I have a 1.22 K/D and just playing by myself I win over 50% of my matches. When im not in a vehicle I like to snipe or use a DRM or play commander, depends on the stage, I am a premium member. I game just about every night im on the east coast so that sums up everything and oh I play conquest. 


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I think we fit what you're looking for! Check us out @

I'm on every night 9:30-2am central. I'm trying to find people to create a competitive squad with. I can fly helicopters no problem. Usually run an engineer class so that I can repair my helo as needed. Add me if you want to see how we play together. Rybiggy. I'm also upper 20s and prior service fmf corpsman is where you need to be then!

come join DGC bro we have a Battalion for call of duty black ops II and Battlefield 4

our website is be sure to check us out, we have gamers that are very active on the forums and on xbox 360!

we have a battalion full of gamers for BATTLEFIELD 4 on the xbox one! we work with teamwork and communicate all the time as a team and we are here to have fun!

let me know if you would like to join DGC and i can help you out etc.

if you decide to sign up please put DarknessFiree as your referrer