Need a New Gun Game!!!

Hello Everyone...

I have play Battlefield Bad Company 1&2 All The COD (Call Of Duty) and i find them boring...

I have had many accounts but im starting fresh hopefully with a new game to play!

I don't mind 1st or 3rd person shooter games..



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Have you tried Gears of War or Halo yet?

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Yea I Played years of war 1&2 Good Game Cant wait for the 3rd to come out same with Battlefield 3..

Halo i use to play that game a lot and i gave up on it then halo reach came out witch killed halo... So i still like playing Halo its just not as good anymore...

I Wont mind playing 1st or 3rd person exploring games like fallout 3 but don't know any other...

How about Fallout New Vegas or Fear 3? I forgot to mention Crysis 2 as well.

Previously known as Win7Xbox 360

Played Fallout New Vegas...

Fear 3 i aint played but will do thanks..

Crysis 2 i played the Demo good game but aint brought the game but will do...

Thanks For the help... Fear 3 it is :D

Hard Corps:Uprising

borderlands is about as good as it gets.

they catch alotta flack and are kinda old but the army of two games are some of my favorite fps.

Maybe you're getting bored of shooters in general?


Happens to me all the time. A nice play through of something like the Assassins Creed series, Mass Effect series, Oblivion, or something like Batman: Arkham Asylum can really help with repetitiveness.


Or try an old xbox title like Splinter Cell or Star Wars: Battlefront. I've gotten the bored bug too and can't wait for Arkham City, BF3, Skyrim, and Assassins Creed: Revalations...Man I'm gonna be broke in the next couple months :(


Then again, some people only like shooters. Try the Orange Box and play through Half Life 2, Episode I, Episode II, and Portal.

why create so many profiles?   sounds to me like your getting bored of shooters, I know I am even though BF is in my recent playlist, I really havent even played it that much hoped on for like 20 minutes last night and was bored so I watched a movie instead.  

I am starting to love single player experiences above multiplayer experiences.cant wait for dark souls and skyrim the only 2 games for sure that im getting this fall.   ill probably get BF3 but Arkham city is tied with it.   gears of war 3 and MW3 are out of the question.    Ill grab gow 3 when it's on sale of buy it used after I get lost in skyrim for a few months.

Have you tried this game called Duck Hunt yet? It just came 25 years ago.

Halo Reach is the best and most obvious choice

Also give Borderlands a shot.

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