Need a Moderators help please!

Well this is not my main account my main account is M3gaToxic and for some reason when i try to get onto the forums with that account i get a message, now im not sure if im banned or suspended because i was never given a heads up and was wondering if any moderator around here could please help me out.


This is the message i get:

Access Denied for M3gaToxic
The account you are attempting to login with could not be completely activated.

Please contact your site administrator to activate the account or enable automatic account activation.


Please help

  Thanks, M3gaToxic.


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I did and a person from there deleted my post because it didn't go with the topic of that forum and said i should contact a MOD by PM i did that but nothing yet so i posted here too. I really need help and no MOD seems to be helping me.

How long ago did you create the account?


Not too long ago the account creation system changed a little and now you have to activate your Windows Live ID, the email address you have linked to the gamertag. This could be the source of your problem.


You should have received an email to that address with a link in it. Simply click that link and it should activate the WLID, you'll then be able to use it to login here on the forum (hopefully).


If you can't find the email then check the spam folder to see if it has been moved into there.

You probably are suspended I got the same message before and found out I was.

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From the access denied part id say Mayb u didn't log out properly.Try deleting ur cache and cookies for your pc/phone......

@VoteDC I created my account a very long time ago but i changed my gamer tag the beginning of this year but this thing with the forums didn't start until last month. Maybe it is because i changed my email like three weeks before this happened i have no idea.

I've never changed the email address linked to my account, so it is possible that they require you to activate it after a change.


Worth scouring your new email address' inbox and junk folder to see if there is an activation email.


Though from what you describe, it doesn't seem as if that would be the problem.

No i just went to my old email and nothing from xbox about activation. I would really like it if a Mod could post here or PM me. But i guess they only like to delete my posts because this is like the 6th posts asking for help about this topic.

What about in the new email address?


The only other thing I can suggest is to try and PM a moderator, you do that by clicking the little letter icon under one of their posts. You can find a post by the moderator aka Scratch here LINK


Remember to put your point across politely and you should get the answer you seek.

Thanks VoteDC, i did that a while ago with my new email when this happened but nothing. I just PM "aka Scratch" i was polite lol. And hope he gets back to me.