need a link or help on a new hdd

So I finaly upgraded my hdd from a 20gb to a 120. I'm transfering my data now......question is, am I suppose to transfer my gt/account to the new one? How does that work?


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If you are using the official MS transfer cable and doing it properly it should have logged you out and it will move everything over.

So I take out the old hdd and put in the new one right? How am I gonna sign on to xbox live with my old gt? Or is this done offline?

No. You keep the HDD on the system like normal and you connect the new HDD to the cable end. If you are signed in and have the new update dash (which you should) then it should detect the cable and allow you to do a memory transfer. You don't even need the disc anymore. But if you put the disc in (the one that came with the cable if you bought the 120GB officially. If you load the disc and click on it like you would a game now it's just going to take you to the memory thing and you can start the transfer.