Need a FREE stash spot?

Don't have 5000 gold to buy a house?  Use your companion to carry all of your junk, they have no weight carrying capacity.  Hope this helps some of you guys!


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No weight carrying capacity? Am I missing something, whenever I load my companion up with a dozen of things at a certain point the game tells me that it is to much to carry for him.

On the PC version I loaded up Lydia with a ton of junk and never got that message... Maybe I just didn't put enough heavy items or something.

No weight carrying capacity? Excellent.

Shame they aren't invincible (Lydia has died on my several times).

Lydia hasn't died on me yet.  I have pushed her off high bridges, mountains, and even watched her get flung into the air by giants without dying.  Me on the other hand, I have died more times in Skyrim than I ever imagined I would.

I've loaded Lydia up numerous times and eventually the game told me that it was too much.