need a few good weapons

hi guys i have these weapons


Aurora’s Shield 8

Avo’s Lamenation 3

The Barnumificator 7

Beadle’s Cutlass 4

The Bonesmasher 10

The Casanova 11

Defender of the Faith 10

Desert Fury 10

Dragonbone Hammer 8

Facemelter 10

Faerie Hammer of the Moon King 8

Gnomewrecker 3

Hammer of Wilmageddon 3

The Hero’s Companion 8

Holy Vengeance 6

Jack’s Hammer 2

The Love Sword 9

Lunarium Pounder 6

Mallet’s Mallet 4

The Merchant’s Bodyguard 8

Mirian’s Mutilator 13

Mr. Stabby 7

Ol’ Malice 10

Reaver Industries Perforator 7

The Sandgoose 3

Scattershot 11

Scythe’s Warhammer 2

The Shrieking Pilgrim 3

Simmon’s Shotgun 3

Slimquick 6

Sorrow’s Fist 2

Souldrinker 3

The Splade 4

Swift Irregular 6

The Swinging Sword 3

Tannar’s Glory 4

The Tenderiser 7

Thunderblade 5

Trollblight 14

The TYPO 4


and am looking for these as many as 2 if i can get them for me and my daughter


Arkwright’s Flintlock


Briar’s Blaster


Dragonstomper .48

The Equaliser

Really Sharp Pair of Scissors

Skorm’s Justice

Tee Killer Shooter


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Hey how do you have so many of the swords and hammers? Im just starting out again so i have none but when i had my other account i only had one of each.  But after playing Fable 1 again i heard that there is a weapon in fable 3 named after Scythe and i gotta find it.

I have a question to ask, if i plug in another controller with a random account i create for it can i find other legendary weapons on that one and on my main? Sorry if it sounds confusing.

i have 6 gamer tags and often co op with myself each gt i have has at least 1 save up to 4 with greengams. i wanted to get all the posibliitys i could with shops. withe a few gamer tags and some time you can amass a lot of weapons. there are just a few that will never apear on your game. skorms justice, jacks hamer only apeared once for me and never again, briars blaster the same and the i traded it.

also it takes forever but if you co op you can get a few million dollar headstart on your 2nd game by gifting cash "100000" at a time.

runscape is my home i just visit here

Oh i see thanks. I will have to try that with my second GamerTag

nice tip iv been wondering how to get some more wepons as no 1 will trade with me as they all have diffrent dlcs on there game lol.