Need 3 people for : "Tower of Babble" 75G

If anyone is interested in doing the Tower Of Babble achievement. Then please message me. I need at least 3 people I got some friends on my friends list that can help if only 2 people are wanting it. YOU MUST HAVE A MICROPHONE AND MUST BE WILLING TO CO-OPERATE!!! Don't be like every other Co-Op Partner I've had where you think you know everything and trying to do the easter egg on your own. I'm just saying because I've spent several hours on this easter egg with a single person that kept telling us they think they know what to do "When I already know the full easter egg." Just message I'm on Tonight From 12 - 8pm CENTRAL TIME. This is the last achievement I need for Black Ops 2 until the DLC is released. Thanks for reading! (PRIVATE MESSAGE ME DO NOT MESSAGE ME ON THE FORUMS I DON'T GET ON THEM DAILY"


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You spent several hours with a single know-it-all for 1 achievement? Ever heard of "Einstein's Theory of Insanity?"