need 3 more for a team for Versus

Hello All. Now that I have your attention please allow me to explain. My friend and I play King of the Hill and sometimes Capture the leader in versus almost every night. He is really good at it and normally gets MVP even if our team loses. I am pretty good at it but probably not the very best. I am making this post trying to find other people who play after 7pm PST with regularity. We usually play from say 7pm PST until 1am PST but sometimes later. So if this is in your normal play times at all please feel free to message me. I am not asking that you be the absolute best at whatever game mode we may decide to play, I do ask that you're capable of being a productive member of the team and helping to carry your share of the weight. No one has to be perfect, my performance comes and goes sometimes map to map.

Mainly, I am looking for people who play regularly to make a "team" of sorts because some of the random pub people you get paired up with are just plain awful. You get those who only go for kills which can be helpful but since winning or losing in king of the hill is determined by capturing the hill... you'll need to do some of that too. And my favorite, you get people who camp frag grenades, boom shots and digger launchers all night long because apparently they can't get a kill without them. Sometimes you get 2 people doing this leaving only me and my buddy to go for the hill because the third person is who knows where. Probably still spawning as usually seems to be the case.

Veering back on topic here. If you have a mic (preferred but not a deal breaker), are a good team player, play regularly between the hours of 7pm PST and 2am PST and you are looking for regular friends to play with please send me a message on Xbox live. If you do not message me I will not accept a friend a request or random party invite without an explanation. All we're looking for are people who are willing to try and strategize so that we may have a chance against the teams of 5 who randomly join matches, or at least so our free slots won't be filled will random pub people who have no idea what they're doing or just don't care.

In closing, rage quitters need not apply. We generally try to see all matches through to the end and just do our best. That's all we're asking. Not asking for perfection. Thanks and see ya on the Gears3 Battlefield!


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I'm down! i love those game modes and usually play late. Add me, I might be on later, definitely tomorrow.

I'm down.  I don't play to much CTL but I'm willing.  I'm very much a team player and won't steal kills on purpose unless it's a situation that calls for it of course.  I.E. they got downed by someone far away and manage to get behind cover.  I always mark enemies as I shoot at them also, and I'm a pretty communicator.

I'm in your timezone and those hours are pretty good for me.  I usually get on around ten and play pretty late.

I steal all kills add me.

Thanks for the replies. Messages and friend requests sent :)

Add me, i play KOTH all the time, ranked 651 in the world in quick match atm 2.2 k/d and 2.8 w/l i have a mich and have the sawed off onyx medal and nearly 3k kills with the gnasher :D