NCIS game trailer

[quote]Ubisoft announced today the first game based on the NCIS television series for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii, and PC.

The trailer below reveals some detailed investigation and even some light platforming. There will be four original cases to solve developed by the writers of the show. You'll be looking for evidence, performing autopsies, and interrogating witnesses. The game also features the likeness of the actors, which should make fans happy.

NCIS the video game will be available this fall.[/quote]


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Dear lord some of those faces are truly horrible. Gibbs and Ducky look passable but the others look like their faces were carved out of wax and they were left in front of the fire too long.

LOL i was thinking the same.

Is that like the Wii trailer? The graphics look really bad!

It's craptacular.

Why is this even going to be a game? I cant think of one TV show that has been made into a game that was good.And this? the premise of the show doesnt even remotely sound good for a game.

They should have used the technology from LA Noire.

Maybe it will be free achievement points like that CSI game. :]

Off the top of my head I cant think of one tv show that would make a good game.