NCH Gaming Playdate, 4 year anniversary, and a 'StopCancer' campaign.... August 30th!

NCH Gaming is celebrating it's fourth official year as the ONLY community out there that is completely AGAINST cheating hacks and mods. We're just a simple FPS gaming community where members who are SICK and TIRED of being cheated!

On August 30th, NCH Gaming members will be hosting a variety of custom and matchmade games, in various FPS gametypes. Our front page will list many of the available contacts to join in with, as well as the best times, and gametypes they'll be hosting.

When one of our members informed us that his mother was just diagnosed, we vowed that we would help him, in his effort to RAISE AWARENESS, and help other people become more aware of how terrible this disease can everyone it effects
PLEASE... Help us, help the fight against cancer, by helping RAISE AWARENESS, as even some of our own deal with the terrible disease. We're asking ALL participants to put "Raise the Awarness" in the NAME field of their Xbox Gamer Profile in an effort to help spread the word. (More info can be obtained through the Pancreatic Cancer Research Center at )

If you'd like to join in with us, feel free to hop in whenever there is an opening, request an invite or find out more at NCH Gaming. (

We've made NUMEROUS attempts to contact Xbox, to set up a second playdate, but for some reason we NEVER get any acknowledgement that our MANY emails have ever been received. So... we're going this one on our own! COME JOIN US!

NCH Gaming is all about having FUN! and being a decent, skilled and HONEST player (which means no hack, cheats, or mods)
"We play the game the way the game was intended to be played, without the cheates hacks and mods"

We DO NOT welcome hackers, modders or cheaters!  We ENCOURAGE friendships, clean gaming, and fun for ALL members....

From ALL of us at NCH Gaming.... Thank you for all your help!

(Please keep any replies DECENT, HUMAINE, and APPROPRIATE!  Note to MODERATORS: Please DELETE any NEGATIVE HURTFUL or MALICIOUS replies)


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