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Since there is no forum for NCAA 12 though we could put demo impressions here.   Havent tried it yet. been downloading since 8am and am at 87%.  so hopefully by lunch ill be able to try it out.   whats everyone else think of it?


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It's fun. Doesn't feel like a huge improvement over NCAA 11. Definitely a game I am skipping this year since I get bored of college football.

Alright just tried it.   Graphically it's the same as 2011 IMO.  B overall B+ with the new lighting system although not mindblowing, is impressive and gives it that little touch.   gameplay wise exactly like 2011 again, but with way more tackling, blocking, running animations.    gameplay does feel smoother, you don't feel like your tacklers lockon, glitch,  teleport into the tackle.  really a nice and smooth system for tackling.    I will give animations a A+ and yes momentum has a big influence on whether a tackle is succesful.    As for running have yet to see to many running into your own blocker or having a blocker go full on retard and miss his assignment when your out in open and he can't seem to figure out he should try and block that lone defender something that always happened in 2011.

Offense does still seem to have a edge over defense, but there seems to be more defensive as well as offensive plays that have never been seen before in a NCAA game.    You can tell the new zone defense is better and they clearly made some improvements but it could still be better.

was really on the fence about it getting it this year, then the news of create a playbook and full conference customization made it a must have, but now the demo has me on the fence again.   I will probably get it since create a playbook has been my number 1 wish for the series since last gen.  and really want to sim how nebraska will be in the B1G this year.   other than that.  Next years will have to be a huge improvment, otherwise this will probably be the last football game I buy.

Have to agree.  They don't make big enough improvement yr-yr to by the title yrly.

i haven't seen a huge difference from last years game but i will be picking up day one regardless.

same ol same ol

I must say seeing my HB get grabbed by the foot, while defender was on the ground, and my HB trying his best to pull his foot free was pretty cool to see.    ended up breaking it but was almost immediatly tackled as soon as I broke it.    That's a nice touch IMO.

This my first NCAA game so if it was the same as last year really not a big lost for me.

But This is a day one buy for me . I been playing Madden since ps2 And it has been the same every year. So I understand why you guys say there isn't really enough improvement. Only Thing I dont like about NCAA is the Roster don't have any names. ( I know why they don't have names, and I know how to get the a roster with names. ) I also really want to see how Road to Glory turns out.

Yes the rosters don't have names, because NCAA can not give EA rights to players names because even the NCAA does not have them.   If they put names in any player can sue for likeness rights.   even without names sam keller former Nebraska QB is currently suing for likeness rights.      but even then named rosters will probably be out within the first week   there are people from operation sports, pasta padre and other places that take the time to correctly fill out and make named and accurate rosters for every team in the game.    You will be able to download these rosters from your EA locker when they become available and if you have the right person's gamertag.

I'm still debating about getting it, I like the game but the more I play it the more I keep seeing same old same old, and don't know if custom playbooks are going to be enough to justify getting it.   already have to get new ball joints on my truck fixed.  and im with the other person.   I do get burnt out on football games and fast.    by the time the actual season starts im usually done playing, to busy, or have other games.    the more I keep thinking about it the more I don't think im going to get it.    I want to but don't think its going to be worth it.   guess ill wait and decide release day.

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