NBA 2k12 Trades in My Player

Has anyone experienced really crazy trades in My Player? It only seems to happen when I sim to the next key match.

I am a Center at the Knicks and 30 games in the starting line up is:

PG: Rondo

SG: Wade

SF: Marion

PF: Blatche

C: Me

Not a bad team all in all, but I am at the Knicks so want to play with Melo and Stoudemire. Sucks.


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here is a idea go into the pacers if your in the  starting lineup (becuase there desperate) then trade off to the celtics and you will always be in the game need more help add me as a friend

lebron gets traded off alot of teams he has been threw all the teams and hasnt stayed in 1 yet my team is full of random people only normal people are

miami heat:


me(chase carter pg)

and kevin love kevin love followed me from the timber wolves

other than that there is random people that you can make

Does the coach or gm ever ask for trade advice? I'm on the Raptors and we won the championship in my second year and now I'm in my third year but I need help on the boards cause no one can rebound on my team. I'm a pg so I don't help much.

Hey Im a PG to but I don't start for the Celtics. They put me in about 2 minutes into the first quarter. Thats a sighn that I will be a starter pretty soon.

I've also been through one trade (I'm a PG) ... I was drafted to the Pacers (15th overall), but our team had a slightly negative record; I always wanted to win the championship, so after playing around ten games into my rookie season, I requested a trade to 1st: Heat, 2nd: Lakers and 3rd: Mavericks. The Heat took me alongside with Danny Granger for Bosh and Chalmers. Right now the Heat's starting PG, but I think I can take the starting spot soon. Our team is sooo beast.

So I've been through one trade so far. I was drafted to the Philidelphia 76ers I requested a trade to go to either 1st choice Boston,2nd choice Clippers,and third choice Bulls. I get to go to the Celtics and so did Andre Igudala! I got traded for Rondo and Igudala got traded for I think Kamen. So for me it's all good.

Nash plays for the Bobcats in my league... poor little nash..

i love how people are coming on here complaining... talking about "i'm 19-3..." "i'm 25-4"... clearly you guys are not playing on the HOF level, so why even complain about anything....

me and rodney stuckey got traded to the bulls for noah. quite a bad trade because now our backup center is a randomly generated player who would struggle to start in the d-league.

The trades in this game are horrific, by far my least favorite part. I'm in my fourth season of My Player's career and I have seen the league basically rip it's self apart. For example, I just won the Championship with the Knicks, Stoudemire is a free agent after we win and they don't resign him? Didn't we just win the Championship? We are under the cap and you let someone like Stoudemire go to free agency? I don't think I will be purchasing nba2k13 just because of these trade issues. I'd rather play something like live who didn't take such drastic liberties with the rosters.

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